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11”x14” toned paper - CUSTOME CARTOON COMISSION $200 each

Materials used will be: acid free toned paper, Copic Markers, Prismacolor Pencils, and Pentel Pocket Brush Pens. These are the only materials that I will use for these, Custom Cartoon Commissions, so please don't try to ask for paintings, or t-shirt designs instead. If you are looking for commercial art for shirts, business logos, or whatever else, than please contact me in my contact section.


Please note that there are currently 15 orders ahead of this next batch of 10. Meaning it will take me a while before starting this next batch. So if I tell you that you are first in the next batch, that means you have 15 orders ahead of you, if I say you are second, that means 16 orders ahead of you, and so on. All Illustrations will be finished in order of purchase placement, before this Halloween. I will send an email to notify you of your place in line, and to give an estimation on when your illustration will be completed. These illustrations will be shipped immediately upon completion. Aside from your 3 things, I will be in total control of what is drawn, how the 3 things are put together, and the final image is what you will receive. All illustrations will be drawn in my cartoon style, hand signed by me, and as a bonus I will sign them to whomever you desire. There will be no returns or refunds, unless for some reason the art is damaged in shipping. I will be putting 100% of my creative efforts and skill into these drawings, and they will be the best of what I can do. They will never be printed, or reproduced, unless you give your permission. I will be filming time-lapse footage of some of these commissions for my vlog and sharing the footage on youtube, as well as sharing the final images on Instagram with your permission.

Rules of the Custom Cartoon Commission:

You can pick up to 3 things, one word each, or a very short message or explanation. if you want actual words written, be sure to put the words in quotations. FYI-I will not draw any extremely lewd objects or imagery, so don’t waste your time if thats what your interested in. I don't mind drawing curse words, or bad stuff, but be sure to write me first if you have an idea that you are unsure of. I also will not draw any copyright or trademark material in it’s exact style, being that I can be sued for selling it, so please don't ask for your favorite cartoon characters or things like that. Also, I won't draw political or religious art.

Look at the “Self Decapitation-Cat” illustration included in the images as an example. Be sure to write your 3 things in the additional information when purchasing your order.

  1. A Cat

  2. Magic

  3. A short custom message “Self Decapitation”- for written words, be sure to put the words in quotations.

Another example could be:

  1. Coffee

  2. Skull

  3. A theme (Halloween)

    Feel free to email me at www.lanceinkwell@gmail.com if you have any questions before placing an order. Thank you. I look forward to drawing something for you!

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